We’re here to make the world of discounts and offers easier to navigate for our members and partners.

For nearly twenty years our mission has been to help people who help others.

Whether they work in the health service, social care, education, or charity sector, we are passionate about providing our members with great deals from leading brands to save them time and money.

In turn, our brand partners benefit from access to highly engaged, closed-member audiences who spend over £500m a year through us.

Our Schemes

All of our members work to improve other people’s lives. We exist to show them that they are appreciated.

We operate 4 schemes to reward their hard work and commitment, each with unique types of members and with different personalities.

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Health Service Discounts Spotlight

Health Service Discounts

Who are they? If they work in healthcare, they deserve a discount. Our audience is everyone from registrars to cleaners, back office staff to student nurses. Because they support us when we need it most. They work back-to-back shifts, they pick us up and put us back together. They balance family life with the physical and emotional pressures of working in the Healthcare Industry.

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Discounts for Carers Spotlight

Discounts for Carers

Who are they? Foster parents, volunteers, paid or unpaid carers – if they are working in the Care Sector, they deserve a discount. Our members are unsung heroes who care for the most vulnerable in our society, whether as a job or looking after a loved one at home. Many work long hours and go the extra mile for who they care for.

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Discounts for Teachers Spotlight

Discounts for Teachers

Who are they? From school teachers to nursery staff, head teachers to catering staff – if they have any role in education, they deserve a discount. Our Education Sector members work long hours, deal with high maintenance parents, and support students of all ages and abilities; often using their own money and time.

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Discounts for Charity Workers Spotlight

Who are they? Employed by a charity, if they are helping those in need they deserve a discount. Charity workers do so much for our society and are always thinking of others. They are incredibly dedicated and work in lots of different charity sectors such as health, social care, conservation, animal welfare, arts & culture.

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Cashback card for savers

We help over 80,000 of our members feel good buying what they need. Saving them money on everyday essentials. The cashback card is an optional, additional benefit of being a member of one of our schemes, it allows members access to cashback when they shop at over 50 different retailers including several supermarkets.

They can use their card instore or online and they can manage their spending via the app, it’s really easy and our members love it.

Cavell Nurses Trust

We are more than just discounts

Our work in the Key Worker community extends beyond discounts. Each year we are proud to be the largest financial contributor to the Cavell Nurses’ Trust. Cavell helps nurses and midwives to deal with hardship brought on by ill-health and other all-too-common events such as domestic abuse or sudden homelessness. This is a great cause, run by an admirable team and it’s a real honour to support Cavell.

We are delighted to say that we have contributed hundreds of thousands of pounds to this worthy cause since 2015.

Cavell Nurses' Trust >

Improve your sales in a post Covid-19 world.

We can foresee an extended period ahead where you may face challenges in maintaining consumer demand at pre-Covid levels. We understand that protecting your margins will be a priority for you during this period.

We aim to maintain our member base in what we call the “Goldilocks Zone”. This means our member base is not too big, not too small with just the right amount of responsiveness to discounts and promotions giving our partners access to loyal consumers with repeat purchasing behaviour.

We will provide you with long-term access to our members to help you generate consistent and reliable sales volumes in return for “always-on” discounts and promotions that will recognise and reward our members for both the job they do and their loyalty as customers to you.

At the heart of this is strategic discounting within a closed-user group environment, which will protect your wider market pricing objectives whilst delivering significant brand awareness and sales volume through times of economic downturn as well as the good times.

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